Contact: Erin Luken
Madison-After Hours
United States of America

The Madison East-Monona Rotary Club is starting the annual Cheese Box Sale at this time and it is our only fund raiser this year.  


Please open the attached Cheese Box Order Form.  We are offering the same two choices of boxes as before. The form is designed to be used for one person’s sales.  Each person ordering needs their own form to complete, unless you are paying for them. 


This year added for convenience of those who prefer payment via the Venmo App, our Club Venmo icon to be scanned has been entered in the upper right-hand corner of the order form.   


If you wish to have our supplier – Gile Cheese in Cuba City, Wisconsin ship or mail some of your order - spaces for three separate recipients are at the bottom of order form.  If you need more space for more people, please use a separate order form.  It is very important for mailing - names and addresses are legible and spelled correctly. I personally prefer this method because then it takes the stress out of me delivering everything to everyone in case I won't see them in a timely manner​ 


Thank you everyone for your interest, and please pass along to all your clubs!!!

Penelope Kochanski