What do you do for a living?
I’m a partner at the CPA firm Strohm Ballweg – we specialize in serving the insurance industry.  I mainly oversee audits of property and casualty (i.e. homeowners, auto, etc.) insurance companies, but also am the head of our quality initiatives.  I’ve been at SB for over 20 years, though I’m not really sure how that is possible!
Favorite kind of music?
Anything NOT aimed to kids – I’m pretty sick of “it’s raining tacos”, and when Alexa listens to me, it is mostly Yo-Yo Ma.
What are you looking forward to in the next few months?
I’m anxiously counting down the days until mid-January, when my husband, Dave, returns from a 400 day mobilization to Fort Meade (Maryland) with the Army National Guard.  I’ve been ‘single-parenting’ since November 2020, which is a big part of why you haven’t seen much of me recently!
Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Middleton, and went to Edgewood College here in Madison.  I can’t imagine living anywhere else!
Tell us about why you joined Rotary?
My mom has been a Rotarian for many years, and it was just a natural fit – though not her club!  I was excited to hear that a new-fangled idea of the After-Hours club was being formed and to be a part of it.
What’s your favorite thing about being in Rotary?
I love knowing that we do so much good locally and in the world.  When there is a need, Rotary answers!
Have you held or do you hold any positions at the club or district level? What were/are they?
’m the treasurer of our District’s Charitable Foundation (and past Chair as well).  The D6250 Charitable Foundation is available to any club in our district that doesn’t have their own foundation for club level fundraising, as well as for facilitating district-wide fundraising initiatives.  We recently raised money for Covid relief in Nepal, and stay tuned for how you can help Afghan refugees coming to Wisconsin!
What is one thing you want the club to know about you?
 I’ve got my hands full with two energetic boys – Nat is 9 and Vin is 5 and they definitely keep me out of trouble.  I tell them stories about how I used to be fun, but they don’t believe it.  They honestly believe that my favorite hobby is picking up after them.