What do you do for a living?
After 16 years working in health care at Meriter Hospital, I recently made the switch to personal finance. I'm working for a Certified Financial Planner (John Locke) as an office administrator and studying to get my securities licenses.
Favorite kind of music?
I enjoy many music genres, but right now I am especially into BTS, a k-pop hip hop group from South Korea. I also play the violin, mostly classical and traditional folk music (Irish, Cape Breton, American, etc)
What are you looking forward to in the next few months?
I have two vacations planned that I am really hoping we don't have to cancel/reschedule: a trip to the Seychelles in October and a trip to France in November.
Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Xenia, OH, a city of about 25,000 people about an hour west of Columbus.
What brought you to Madison?
I came to Madison in 1999 to attend the University.
Tell us about why you joined Rotary?
Because somebody (finally!) asked me! I was a Rotary Exchange Student in High School, spending my junior year living abroad in Quimper, France. My husband joined the downtown Rotary club shortly after we were married, so I attended club events and socials with him. Then I went to the International Convention in Toronto in 2018, and it was there that PDG Bill Hoel asked me why I hadn't joined a club. I answered that no one had actually asked me or invited me to do so. He told me to check out the After Hours Club, and that he would be there at the meeting when I joined. A few months later, I joined and Bill was good on his promise!
What’s your favorite thing about being in Rotary?
I know that our motto is "Service Above Self," but my favorite thing about Rotary is more selfish than that. Rotary empowers me in a way that my work life was not. With Rotary, when I see a solution to a problem or a way to improve something, I have the tools, connections, support, and resources to bring my vision to life. It's not always easy, or fast, or a straight road, but it is possible. I love being surrounded by people that believe in service to our community and are dedicated to making a difference and improving the world in meaningful, sustainable ways. However, if you were to ask me that question on another day, I might tell you that I love the fellowship, the opportunity to meet really cool people from all over the world, building relationships/making connections, or hosting exchange students!
Have you held or do you hold any positions at the club or district level? What were/are they?
I've been President of our club, and am currently our club's Foundation Chair. At the district level, I just started a 3-year term as an Assistant Governor. I do some work on our district's social media with storytelling, too.
What is one thing you want the club to know about you?
I like to have fun :). I am aware that I talk about BTS a lot, too. I can't help it, not sorry.